BETtlebots Bracket Challenge

The Battleblog is very pleased to announce the 2023 BETtlebots Bracket Challenge!

There are two cash prizes up for grabs (NO ENTRY FEE)

– $100 for the bracket with the most correct picks made (there are 31 matches total. All fights will be weighted equally)

– $100 to be awarded and split between all brackets with the correct Champion picked. If just one person picks the correct overall champion, they get the full Hundo! If two pick it they each get $50, and so on. This should encourage everyone to make diverse choices in picking their champion, and not have everyone bet on End Game to “win another one”.

The site where picks are made is separate from this blog, the URL is below. I’m writing the instructions here.

On the BETtlebots site – you need to make ALL picks for the entire tournament now, before it starts. You have until Thursday May 4th when the first episode is released. There are tabs for each of the regions – click through North, East, South and West and make all the picks on each tab. When the tab is complete the winner of that region’s picture will appear on the right side.

Once you have completed all the picks for the four regions, click the Finals tab which will be populated with the four region winners. You then pick the final four picks and then the final. The final popup is different – it has the slots for you to enter your name and a name for your bracket. Once those are entered and you choose a champion, your picks are FINAL. At that point they are submitted and you will be moved along to a summary page.

(If you get some sort of error at this point please let me know. Special characters and symbols might be an issue so plain text for the names is encouraged. I just built the site and it’s seen limited testing for sure)

One bracket per person please. If you submit multiples I will use the last one entered. I have timestamps people!

Submit Brackets Here!

BETtlebots Bracket Entry

View Submitted Brackets Here!

Submitted Brackets

A few more notes

  • While using the site do not click the back button or refresh the page, that will most likely clear your session and force you to start over.
  • Conversely – if you do want to start over and remove your picks, refreshing the page will take care of that (ctrl-R).
  • Symbols and specials characters will be stripped out of your Name and Bracket Name
  • If you don’t know me in person, than you are welcome to submit a bracket, but sadly I cannot send you any prize money. Maybe next year. You will be honored in the Battleblog Hall of Fame for sure!
  • I’m not going to give myself the prize money, so any brackets belonging to ‘Engineer’ or ‘TrevDaWg’ or anything like that aren’t actually in the running to win.

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