Every Contender’s Worse Nightmare

Most of these are obvious matchups (Huge having a weakness for a Bloodsport-type weapon is pretty obvious) or a case where the robot has specifically lost to this opponent in the recent past.

Also like, the best robots in the sport are good against 95% of the field. I could honestly answer End Game, Hydra or Sawblaze for almost every single party. So I’m trying to avoid going down that hole and focusing on cases where the weakness is very specific to one of the elites.

Anyhow, it’s just for fun! We’ll see if any of these happens in the playoffs, and if whether the prediction holds. Without further ado…

Huge: Bloodsport

Whiplash: Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor: End Game

Hydra: Huge

Minotaur: Sawblaze

Sawblaze: Tantrum?

End Game: Minotaur, I guess?

Riptide: Sawblaze

Ripperoni: Hydra

Quantum: Rotator

Cobalt: Minotaur (I’d also accept Tantrum)

Tantrum: End Game

Hypershock: Witch Doctor

Claw Viper: Hypershock

Rotator: Hydra

Copperhead: Witch Doctor

Black Dragon: Whiplash

Bloodsport: Copperhead

Blip: End Game, or Hydra

Lock-Jaw: Sawblaze

(A couple of these are where two robots have the same general approach, but one does it better. WD over Hypershock, or Hydra over Blip, for example)

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