Week 7 Power Rankings: Two at the Top

Alright! With 7 weeks completed out of a 10 week regular season, every robot (or at least, everyone who’s anyone) now has two fights under their belt. This is a wonderful time for a new Power Rankings, with the primary factor being performances this season. Their results last season and overall legacy will be considered but recency reigns in this ranking.

Though it’s a highly competitive field there are two at this point that have distinguished themselves in my eyes. Of course these sample sizes are always tough. We begin of course with the reigning champs and still undefeated robot from New Zealand…

(Number is parenthesis is the number of knockouts this year)

1) End Game 2-0 (2)

Wins: Hydra, Witch Doctor

A little lucky in spots but until they go down they’re on top. Tough competition faced this year (and it continues in their third match)

2) Sawblaze 2-0 (0)

Wins: Minotaur, Madcatter

Absolute domination display in both matches. Puts on a clinic for driving and controlling a fight. A Beast.

3) Whiplash 2-0 (1)

Wins: Bloodsport, Skorpios

Still here in the top 3 but I’m a little worried, that Skorpios match was a 2-1 split decision from the judges. Some issues showing up there, Skorpios got under him at times and drove him around. Not using the spinner so far this season and thus not doing much damage. On the flip side, Upper Deck baby!!! We’ll see how match 3 goes.

4) Uppercut 2-0 (2)

Wins: Gigabyte, Free Shipping

I still don’t trust them, but they’re the most powerful weapon in the field and have been absolutely devastating in their 2 mins of fight time (or whatever they tallied in two quick KOs). Credit where credit is deserved

5) Rotator 2-0 (0)

Wins: Kraken, Black Dragon

Is this too high? They’ve been brilliant, have new wedgelets that absolutely scrape the ground and got under Black Dragon no problem (whose wedge gets under plenty of robots). No knockouts no but Kraken was shredded by the end of 3 minutes and the BD match was not in doubt. Rotator has eliminated both opponents weapons (with relative ease) while not losing its own yet. It’s having a big year.

6) Copperhead 2-0 (1)

Wins: Lock-Jaw, Fusion

Pure Offense. These guys have mostly rolled in two matches against strong and hard-hitting competition (though Lock-Jaw is 0-2, I know). They were 3-0 last season and their only blip in two years was losing a crazy match to Mammoth, I think we can excuse that to Mammoth wackiness rather than some legitimate weakness. Roll on, Snakes.

7) Hydra 1-1 (1)

Win: Gruff

Loss: End Game

I actually had them higher before their recent win…that’s more a case where Rotator and Copperhead have really impressed. You can say that the End Game match was flukey but it was 1/3rd of their season, we can’t just ignore mechanical failures in this case, Hydra is crippled without the flipper. They’ll still beat 90% of the competition just by showing up (and getting LOW).

8) Ribbot 2-0 (2)

Wins: Defender, Overhaul

This one feels a little high too but man, both matches were over in seconds and never in doubt. It’s not their fault they always find themselves facing inferior opponents. They are durable, they drive well, they have multiple effective weapons and they are 2-0.

9) Tantrum 2-0 (2)

Wins: Malice, Lucky

Similar to Ribbot, I gave them the nod because Tantrum really should have lost to Lucky, they were pinned on a wall and Lucky pushed them back into the arena. I think very highly of these guys (and made the final four last season) but need to see with a stiffer test in match 3.

10) Black Dragon 1-1 (1)

Win: Icewave

Loss: Rotator

Took a tough loss to Rotator but they were in the match despite having the design disadvantage and losing the weapon early. The Icewave match was over in about forty seconds, a quick and efficient beating. They never die, they always keep fighting, hopefully they can iron out a potential lowness weakness and go on another deep run.

11) Witch Doctor 1-1 (0)

Win: Duck!

Loss: End Game

Honestly Witch Doctor showed me more in their loss to End Game then in their win, which was kinda weak. They lost their weapon against Duck! and had to earn a Judges Decision. Regardless they fought great against EG and were very close to winning IMO. Perhaps a slight legacy nod here and with the next one, rankings at this point get subjective fast.

12) Minotaur 1-1 (1)

Win: Dragon Slayer

Loss: Sawblaze

Looked great against Dragon Slayer and Sawblaze might be the one seed this season. Minotaur usually starts slow anyway. These guys might climb a couple notches after the next round of fights.

13) Shatter! 2-0 (1)

Wins: Subzero, Blacksmith

I still have concerns about the weapon and how much damage it is capable of, but hell, they keep winning and were 2-1 in the playoffs last season before losing to End Game. They move great, they look great, they have good wedges and always seem to land a killer shot each match (disabling Blacksmith’s hammer, Mammoth’s lifter, etc). A bot to watch.

14) Hypershock 2-0 (2)

Wins: Slammo, Lock-Jaw

Very each schedule (their opponents are both 0-2 now) but they’ve done great. Seems to have the formula working now (recklessly aggressive driving with a potent weapon and enough durability to make it work). We’ll see how fight 3 goes.

15) Jackpot 2-0 (2)

Wins: Deadlift, Malice

Fun Fact: Two robots are undefeated (5-0) in the past two regular seasons. Copperhead and Jackpot! Crazy. This is a robot on a budget and has some concerns about its reliability overall, but it never loses, so yeah. Good for them. Need better competition in future.

Possibly my fav photo of the year to date

16) Blip 2-0 (2)

Wins: Rusty, Overhaul

I didn’t love their last fight and think they have rookie kinds to iron out, but they are 2-0 and flipping people to the moon. They’ve had a ridiculously easy schedule, but that will change…when they face TANTRUM! Mark it now, it’s coming.

17) Bloodsport 1-1 (1)

Win: Subzero

Loss: Whiplash

Good showing against Whip, what are you gonna do. Still not sure how good this bot it is, we’ll find out soon. The whole horizontal spinner thing seems like it’s just not effective anymore, against so many quick robots with good wedges that can snuff it out. (The exception is Rotator who can use wedges to protect his blade)

18) Skorpios 1-1 (0)

Win: Blade

Loss: Whiplash

Maybe they should be above Bloodsport, I don’t know. They did take Whip to a JD. Blade is awful so that win doesn’t count for much. Skorpios seems like it’s solidly good but not great.

19) Madcatter 1-1 (1)

Win: Yeti

Loss: Sawblaze

I wanted to put these guys higher but they were so utterly dominated by Sawblaze…I know, he might be the best this season, but Madcatter didn’t land a single shot, didn’t have a single moment…I dunno. If they show more in the next fight I’ll promote them.

20) P1 2-0 (1)

Wins: Valkyrie, Jager

Race Car!!! This is the last 2-0 robot and deserving to be top 20, even though they’ve played nobody good and their design seems like it would have serious limits. Nevertheless, good for P1 and congrats on a very successful season.

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