Battlebots Weapon Power Rankings

First Installment of the Battlebots Season 2021* Weapon Power Rankings

Overall, the general order of weapon types is the following

  • Big Vertical Spinners (this might still be the dominant weapon type in the sport at the time of my death)
  • Big Drum Spinners (I like the flexibility of this weapon and the ‘smashing’ factor it allows)
  • Horizontal Spinners (NOT Tombstone, not anymore)
  • (At this point other stuff starts coming into play, hammer saws and flippers…)
  • Regular Vertical Spinners/Eggbeater weapons (think Ribbot, Black Dragon, Witch Doctor, a slightly smaller weapon allows for other advantages)
  • And the rest

Here we go. I was surprised who ended up at #3, that’s gotta be one of the early stories of the season

1) Uppercut VERTICAL SPINNER (I just think this is the one, this is the guy, the most ridiculously powerful weapon we’ve ever seen. Can we see an Uppercut End Game matchup at some point please???????)


3) Madcatter VERTICAL SPINNER (A surprise, and yet I’m feeling pretty good about putting him here. Big match coming up this week though)

4) Copperhead DRUM SPINNER

5) Minotaur DRUM SPINNER



8) Sawblaze HAMMER SAW

9) Hydra FLIPPER

10) Fusion VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL SPINNERS (cumulative for the two weapons offered, neither by itself is that special)

11/12) Black Dragon/Ribbot DIFFERENT SPINNERS (the durability of the weapons is the key here, as the robots drive them straight into their opponents)

13) Kraken CRUSHING JAWS (Man, I wish Kraken was the best robot in Battlebots. Someday…)

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