Power Rankings: Week 3

Alright! At this point we’ve seen the entire field, or at least everyone important (Skorpios?!?).

The regular season is 3 fights per bot, so we’re essentially 1/3 of the way through our year. Going forward the Power Rankings will focus most on this regular season, previous results matter less. It’s all about the here and now people.

Not too much of a shakeup, a few robots confirmed they were positioned right where they belong, and at least one did not. Rankings are mostly the same as last week. Thus we’re going to move quickly through here and focus our energies on another Power Ranking: The Weapon Power Rankings. Should be fun.

1) End Game 1-0 (1)

2) Whiplash 1-0 (1)

3) Uppercut 1-0 (1)

4) Hydra 0-1

5) Sawblaze 1-0

6) Black Dragon 1-0 (1)

7) Tantrum 1-0 (1)

8) Ribbot 1-0 (1)

9) Witch Doctor 1-0

10) Minotaur 0-1

Need to see Minotaur fight again (or conversely, if Sawblaze somehow turned out to be mediocre) before I feel comfortable demoting them. If Sawblaze is a true contender than they could still be top ten.

11) Rotator 1-0

12) Madcatter 1-0 (1)

13) Copperhead 1-0

Nice win for the snakes. We’re not really sure on Lock Jaw’s pedigree any more but it’s at least a good win. They’re potentially top ten as are the two above it, I think that’s the cutoff at the moment. Sorry BS

14) Bloodsport 0-1

15) Gigabyte 0-1

16) Shatter! 1-0

17) Lock Jaw 0-1

Slotting him here for now after that loss (I guess it was a Split Decision, technically…). This is the cutoff for contender potential right now, the next 3 are nice but have proven nothing.

18) Gruff 1-0 (1)

19) Gruff 1-0

Doubted but still on the list!

20) Skorpios

Congrats, Skorp, you’ve discovered a loophole. I can’t demote you until I see you fight, and if you never fight, you can stay top 20 all season!!!!

Seriously though, where is Skorpios. Are they here this season?

In the Hunt!

Mammoth (!)

Blip (!)

Fusion (!)

Those to me are the three that are closest to Top 20 and capable of making a run. Here’s the rest of those with a W, along with robots that lost that could have some potential.


Captain Shrederator

Deep Six




Free Shipping 0-1

Kraken 0-1

Duck! 0-1

Valkyrie 0-1

That is all!

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