Power Rankings: Week 2

Note: This has proven to be a little weird since not every robot plays every week…we’ve seen 2/3rds of the field or less. Once everyone has fought in 2021* (hopefully after Week 3) then we’ll have a better handle on the true state of the sport.

Another Note: Each robot has its current win-loss record next to its name, and then in parenthesis is the # of knockouts they have scored this season

1) End Game 1-0 (1)

2) Whiplash 1-0 (1)

I love this new thing where everyone take turns punting HiJinx all over the arena and we get these beautiful photographs

3) Uppercut 1-0 (1)

(Higher ceiling than Hydra)

4) Hydra 0-1

(Higher ceiling than Sawblaze)

5) Sawblaze 1-0 (1)

6) Black Dragon 0-0

7) Tantrum 1-0 (1)

8) Ribbot 1-0 (1)

9) Witch Doctor 0-0

10) Minotaur 0-1

Alright, this Tier 2 thing is getting a little bloated with many robots left to fight, some that I promoted too quickly (Blacksmith), some that probably didn’t deserve the nod in the first place especially now that Tombstone stinks (Skorpios), and a couple more I’m just not sure on. Nevertheless, it’d be good to have a Top Twenty(ish) ranking each week, let’s give it a try. No pictures for Tier 2 though.

11) Rotator 1-0

Great win this week considering the early hole and weird circumstances. Unfortunately we have no idea if Kraken is good or not, so he remains here. I could see Rot flip flop with Witch Dr or Mino soon.

12) Madcatter 1-0 (1)

The Dark Horse

13) Bloodsport 0-1

Looked pretty good going against Whiplash and was 3-0 last year. Next fight will tell us a lot.

14) Gigabyte 0-1

Next fight will tell us a lot for this guy too, I don’t know. How do I rate a robot that might be immortal, but might not?

15) Copperhead

Rumor has it we’re seeing them in the Main Event this week…this robot remains hard to place.

16) Shatter! 1-0 (1 I think)

Shatter! got a nice win in one of the YouTube matches, I’ve kinda been ignoring those but they’re there. Need to see them against more elite competition but overall they keep winning, so

17) Lock Jaw

A little Twitter birdy tells me we’ll be seeing them in two days, check this spot next week to see how they did

18) Gruff 1-0 (1)

Gruff has earned this spot by now, at least until he loses again. Unlike the next guy who I elevated far too quickly, I was excited last week

19) Blacksmith 1-0 (1)

They can hang on for now but might not last the reshuffling after Week 3

20) Valkyrie

Yikes I’m over 20, oh well. I’m sure someone will take an ugly loss and solve my problem.

21) Skorpios

Like maybe this guy. Seems like we have a lot of robots we haven’t seen yet, this week should be stacked. Here’s hoping!

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