Power Rankings: PreSeason 2021

Note: Power Rankings are meant to be current representation of the field so they have an extreme recency bias. At this point in time the 2020 Playoffs has the largest impact on the analysis, after that would be the 2020 regular season, then the 2019 playoffs and 2019 regular season, etc (at this time Bounty Hunter results are not being considered). Thus the top bots in the playoffs are well represented here (the final 4 are all top 5) and 7 of the final 8. At the top is End Game and Whiplash, I don’t think there’s anything debatable in those choices.

(However…I know I said the 2020 regular season would be weighted second-highest in importance, but it was only 3 matches long and had some fluky elements to it. After some consideration I decided that legacy had to be honored and having multiple great seasons would overshadow a really good 2020 regular season, especially if they tanked in the playoffs. So sorry, Bloodsport and Copperhead and Uppercut and Shatter!, keep up the good work and you’ll be on this list soon. Right now you’ve been bumped for the Minotaurs and Tombstones and Witch Doctors of the world. That’s just how it is, you gotta climb that ladder)


The Champ. What else is there to say?
(Last season 7-1)


Hell of a 2020 run…too bad he came up one win short. Is there any chance he suffer from the runner-up curse like Mino and Witch Dr?
(Last season 6-2)


Regular season record: 7-0
Post season record: 2-2
Some work to do, but this bot is undeniably great.
(Last season 5-1)


A top finish in 2020, a meteoric rise up the ranks in their first two seasons…I believe in the Duck. Go Brazil.
(Last season 5-2)


This might be an overrank but I don’t think so. Playoff Dominance. Even almost beat End Game before a mistake.
(Last season 5-2)


Always one of the best, needs to be take the next step. He has one more season before the critics (me) really start to attack.
(Last season 4-2)


I’m as surprised as you are this guy is here, but he deserves it for the Uppercut upset alone. Simply Indestructible
(Last season 4-2)


Only Ranked Bot that missed 2020. Runner up in 2018 and 2019 was an incredible ride. Might be the most exciting bot in the sport.
(2020 Season 5-3)


Legacy Ranking #1. Witch Doctor was 7-1 and runner-up in 2019, 2020 was uneven but still represented well. And we know that curse is real.
(Last season 2-3)


Legacy Ranking #2: The King of Kinetic Energy. We’ll have a post on him soon. I hope he has a good year, he needs it. Nothing better than when Tombstone is a the equivalent of Jaws in the Battlebox.
(Last season 2-3)

Next Tier, in some Order:

Rotator 2-3 (bad regular season, but it almost beat End Game in the playoffs!)
Uppercut 3-2 (god that loss to Ribbot was brutal)
Bloodsport 4-1 (looked great until it faced Gruff and Tantrum in the playoffs)
Copperhead 3-1 (MAMMOTH!!!)
Gigabyte 3-2 (I have a LOT of thoughts about this one, we’ll get to him later)
Lock-Jaw 2-2 (Kinda here by default, the builder has 6 rings. Bot needs to do better)
Shatter! 4-2 (I’m kinda stiffing these guy, they did have 2 playoff wins last year. Win your opener decisively and you’ll make the top 10)
Skorpios 2-2 (poor guy keeps landing terrible playoff matches, Witch Doctor and Lock Jaw the past 2 years)

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